Jabari & Jaser

As an imprint of The Zharmae Publishing Press, Jabari & Jaser is focused on the Action and Adventure Genre. We publish high-quality, exciting action & adventure literature that contains exotic locales, dangerous missions, high-tech espionage, and death-defying heroes who are always willing to risk it all to save the girl, the day, or the world. Our stories are fast-paced and thrilling, and our characters are distinctive and real. We are always interested in first-time authors.

A Little About The Zharmae Publishing Press, LLC

The Zharmae Publishing Press is a Pacific Northwest based book publisher, dedicated to producing the best genre fiction from around the country with a particular focus on science fiction and fantasy. Zharmae is the living, breathing idea of what is the future of book publishing can and should be. TZPP is devoted to literary works of depth and detail as well as the broader knowledge and exchange of ideals that can be conveyed from the reading and analysis of fiction. TZPP was created with the notion that a publishing firm can and should be hip, youthful, and accessible; as well as focused on author development with regards to both the art and science of writing. Zharmae is the result of this ongoing effort.

Zharmae focuses on category fiction with a heavy emphasis on artistry through prose, while staying true to the formulaic, sensationalistic, melodramatic, and sentimental nature normally exhibited in such types of fiction. We are committed to producing work featuring elevated, poetic, and idiosyncratic prose that defy reader expectations, or which go beyond the normal plot scope associated with genre fiction.